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An area where I'll post interested news related to archaeological or historical topics.


1,400-year-old remains of headless horse and rider discovered in Germany [ Live Science 01/02/2022 ]

20220201_LiveScience.jpg“The skeletal remains of a man buried 1,400 years ago near a headless horse have been discovered at an ancient cemetery in the town of Knittlingen in southern Germany. He likely was the horse’s owner/rider when he was alive.

The man was buried at a time when the Merovingian dynasty (A.D. 476–750) flourished in the area, ruling a giant swath of territory in what is now France and Central Europe.”


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Archaeologists find ancient 2000-year-old Buddhist temple [ Heritage Daily 31/01/2022 ]

20220131_HeritageDaily.jpg“Archaeologists have found one of the oldest known Buddhist temples in the city of Barikot, in the Swat region of Pakistan.

Excavations were conducted as part of an Italian mission in collaboration with the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies (ISMEO).”


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